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Gourmet selection



Sliced 50g:
Front leg of Iberian Pork 100% Iberian breed
Loin Sausage from acorn-fed pork, 100% Iberian
Spicy Spanish Sausage from acorn-fed pig
Traditional Iberian Sausage cooked meat from acorn fed pigs

Spreadable Sausage with truffle aroma

Ham Migrut


Mix of leg of Iberian pork, presented as a sausage, dried in a chamber and matured in a cellar.  This delicious sausage is a typical product from the Aracena area.  It is delightful.

Always working on the basis that the source product is from high quality Iberian pork, we have combined traditional and modern preparation methods, with the highest standards of hygiene  to produce this cooked meat from the mountains of Aracena.

Traditional sausage product from the mountain region of Aracena , made from a carefully selected range of pork meats.
Ideal as a snack.

Front leg, matured in a chamber until its final maturity in a cellar.


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