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In this selection we offer a variety of products of high quality to ensure your lunches and dinners satisfy all your loved ones.

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Sausage denominated Chorizo extra Ibérico “Bellota” 450/525g
Sausage denominated Salchichón extra Ibérico “Bellota” 450/525g
Loin of acorn-fed pork – Caña de lomo Bellota 100% Ibérico 75g
Spreadable ham product denominated Migrut Jamón Ibérico 100g
Spreadable loin product – denominated Migrut Lomo Ibérico 100g

Traditional sausage product from the mountain region of Aracena , made from a carefully selected range of pork meats.
Ideal as a snack.

Always working on the basis that the source product is from high quality Iberian pork, we have combined traditional and modern preparation methods, with the highest standards of hygiene to produce this cooked meat from the mountains of Aracena.


Pieces of Iberian acorn-fed ham, carved so finely that they produce a creamy spread which identifies this product’s origin perfectly. It has been cured to perfection, de-boned and processed in specialist conditions. The creamy spread that is part of this product heightens the flavour, aroma and juices of the best of all hams, which has a soft texture which that melts in the mouth, and satisfies the most discerning and demanding clients.



In the same way, this loin is derived from the loin of acorn-fed Iberian pig, finely carved, and from which there is a delicious creamy spread.

Iberian pork loin, camara dried and perfectly matured in a cellar. Ideal for plates of cooked meats, sandwiches or snacks.


  1. Isabel

    Great taste and fantastic quality ! No doubt unbeatable value for money !

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