Delivery Terms and Conditions


Delivery charges will be borne by the client, and should be taken into account when considering the overall cost.   These will vary depending on the destination and the weight of the product.  Before the purchase is confirmed on line, the delivery charges and delivery details that apply will be shown on screen.

When the purchase has been finalised, the client will receive an e-mail from  EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE with all the purchase details (quantity of products purchased, delivery details etc)  This should be kept by the client in the event of any future enquiries.

Terms of delivery

The timeframe for delivery will be between 24 and 72 hours, during working days, from the moment the credit card payment has been confirmed, and therefore the exact delivery time will depend upon the time of the credit card payment.

At weekends and public holidays, there will not be any initiation of the delivery process.

The products will be delivered to the person who has made the purchase at the requested delivery address.

If required, the client may request a different delivery date by indicating this in the field marked  “Observations”.

A purchase is considered delivered from the moment the transport company delivers the product to the client, and receives a signed confirmation of delivery.

EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE does not assume responsibility for incorrect delivery caused by inexact or false details provided by the client.

 EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE does not assume responsibility for delays which are beyond its control and for which they have not attributed to.

 EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE reserves the right to refuse to honour a purchase should there exist reasonable doubt regarding the authenticity of the client data provided, or should the purchase not appear to be reasonable.  Additionally should a client have rejected purchases without just cause, or other such negative purchase history, the company reserves this same right.

For deliveries outside Spain, please contact EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE via electronic mail at


  1. Cancellation Rights

The client has the right to cancel their purchase under standard consumer protection laws.

In the event that the purchase relates to a service, the client has the right to cancel within 14 calendar days, without having to provide any justification for this action.  The right to cancellation expires 14 calendar days after the service has been contracted.

To exercise the right of cancellation, an email should be sent to “  clearly noting in the subject line  “Right of Cancellation”, or alternatively via recorded delivery mail to

FRAY IBÉRICO S.L ,  Calle Serrano 93. 3B. 28006, Madrid, Spain.

Any such cancellation should be accompanied by a declaration clearly communicating this.

 Acceptable methods of communication are registered mail, fax or electronic mail.  Any such communication received will be acknowledged without delay, for example by electronic mail.

 In all instances, any such cancellation must include the order number, invoice or delivery note.

To comply with the cancellation period, it is considered acceptable if the cancellation request is sent before the expiry of the cancellation period applicable.