Martin begins a relationship having Stacey Branning and actions during the that have the lady and her girl Lily Branning

for the 16th , Sonia mentions to help you rocky and you will Kathy bex may not be around for Xmas because of which have a separate sweetheart

Bex hears good rumour you to Louise had intercourse that have Keegan on the newest cluster, thus she tells the girl to take a pregnancy try, however, Martin grabs Bex getting the take to for Louise and improperly takes on it is to possess by herself

Martin intentions to want to Stacey and Bex provides your the lady blessing it is grateful after they determine never to wed. Stacey gives birth so you’re able to a kid, Arthur Fowler, even though unbeknownst so you can Martin, Arthur is not his child. When Stacey was identified as having and you may sectioned because of postpartum psychosis, Bex realises Martin was enduring Arthur, Lily and you may work, therefore she brings your up a plan. She accompanies Martin with the a trip to a healthcare facility to see Stacey. When Martin discovers the real truth about Arthur’s paternity, he goes to stay with their sis Michelle Fowler in america and in case he yields, the guy intentions to leave once and for all. Martin next indicates that Kush Kazemi is actually Arthur’s dad to everyone in the street, also Bex. Martin says to Bex one to Arthur remains the lady brother, and you may Bex afterwards explains so you can Stacey one she harm this lady dad. When Martin and you may Stacey rating involved, Martin says to Bex, which claims you to definitely Arthur really is the woman sister now.

Keegan Baker insults Bex and you will she learns Shakil is that of males who teased Louise having Keegan and alerts your to stay out of the woman. When the college or university shuts very early, Bex, Louise, Shakil and you will Keegan simply take a shuttle house, nevertheless the rider endures a heart attack and you will drives from sector and towards viaduct. The students is actually swept up however, avoid through the crisis get off. Bex try upset to learn Martin is trapped beneath the shuttle, however, individuals deals with to locate your aside. Convinced that Shakil are promising Keegan, Louise becomes Bex’s cellular phone and you can sends Shakil’s nude images to her household members Alexandra D’Costa and you can Madison Drake and you will Bex are kept troubled when she finds out exactly what Louise did and this this new pictures might have been delivered to another person. Bex stays upset that have Louise, Madison and Alexandra towards way they have managed Shakil and you may is actually hurt whenever Shakil tells their she will «drop dry». Into the Valentine’s day, Bex get a card and you can thinks Shakil sent it, however, she realises Louise, Madison and you can Alexandra played good prank for her. Shakil tells Louise that he provides viewed Bex and Travis together with her and you may Madison and you will Alexandra tell Louise they believe Bex features become after Travis for some time, but when Louise face Bex, she insists he’s only family unit members and busking together.

Bex tries to warn Louise which they can’t be leading however, Louise accuses the girl to be jealous because she has zero members of the family off her own. Travis leaves Louise’s party and you can tells Bex one to Louise need this lady. Once Louise becomes inebriated that’s ill, she staggers exterior, coughs up bloodstream and you may collapses, panicking Bex, Madison, Alexandra, Keegan, Travis and Dennis Rickman, that are viewing. lesbian teen hookup Louise was taken to hospital with paralysis and you can Sharon informs Louise on the Bex wanting the girl. Whenever Louise is sent home, she encourages Bex bullet, however, Madison and you will Alexandra appear very Bex doesn’t wade so you’re able to Louise’s home. Shortly after talking to Dennis concerning the people towards the Travis’s part, Bex informs Louise you to Alexandra accompanied Travis for the kitchen area and Alexandra disrupts her or him. Alexandra gets by herself out of trouble from the advising Louise and you will Bex one Travis may not have become guilty of spiking the woman drink and Louise insists that Madison and you may Alexandra are the girl friends. Bex was pleased when she finds out Stacey and you may Martin are having a baby.

Bex finishes Louise out of truanting immediately after being mocked more a video clip released on line by Keegan of your own bus crash and you can Louise gets Bex to help you vow one to she’ll perhaps not resume the lady relationship with Shakil

Bex continues to quietly spiral down for another month or two, fundamentally overdosing on her past within the Walford. The next early morning, Sonia finds out the woman unreactive during sex. Martin production to make certain she actually is ok and you can decides to stand shortly after viewing the official the woman is into the. Bex attempts to support Louise as a result of motherhood. She befriends Dotty Cotton fiber whenever she movements inside the with these people. Bex try crazy whenever Sonia steals money from Mark, and eventually resolves to maneuver out, and you will relocate with Bobby Beale and you will Habiba and Iqra Ahmed. Bobby, Dotty and you may Bex propose to day, but Dotty brings with each other some medications that she and Bex take; Bobby declines. Bex aims aside Dotty’s broker to find even more to your Carters’ boat cluster, and you may takes multiple on the boat, maybe not realising he’s contaminated. New poilce arrive on Sonia’s and you will update their of this; she attempts to warn Bex because of the getting in touch with this lady. Bex tickets on this new ship and you will results in hospital. She afterwards chooses to go traveling. Sonia does not want Bex to go and you may attempts to stop the girl by hiding the lady passport, however, she in the course of time gives their true blessing and you will Bex leaves Walford.