Cookie Policy


 A cookie is a small data file that some web pages program onto their hard drive when you visit their web page. A cookie can contain information such as the user ID that the website uses to capture the pages the user visits. The only personal information that a cookie can contain is information that the user themselves have generated. In general, cookies work by assigning a unique number that has no relevance outside of the website that created it. A cookie cannot read data from hard drives or read cookie files from other websites. This random number allows EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE to maintain a register of how many times the user has taken certain actions, such as how many times a month they have visited the site, without actually knowing specifically the user’s name. ARCÓN DEL FRAILE uses cookies to capture information of interest to the
Company. Taking into account this website cannot control the use of cookies or the resulting information placed by advertisers or third parties in this website, in the event a user does not wish data to be captured via cookies, there is a simple process in most navigation tools that allows the user to accept or reject the cookie function. However, the user should take into account that cookies are necessary to provide certain services, for example, personalised information available on our website. Below we detail our specific policy in relation to cookies.

What are cookies?

It is common practice in almost all professional websites to use cookies, which are small files which are downloaded on the user’s computer to improve their experience. This page describes the information that is captured, how we use it, and why we need to store these cookies.

Furthermore, we will also communicate how the user can avoid the download of
cookies , however this could downgrade or block certain functions of the

The way in which we use cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons which we detail below. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no standard options provided by the sector to disable cookies without disabling functions and characteristics that make up the website. It is recommended that the user does not disable cookies where they are included in the service being utilised if they are not sure whether they require this function.

Disabling cookies

Cookies can be disabled by adjusting the configuration of the user’s navigator (please refer to help pages in order to complete this). Take into account that doing this will affect the functionality of our website and many other websites visited. This action generally results in disabling certain functions and characteristics of the website. It is therefore recommended that cookies are not disabled.

Cookies that are included by

If a user creates an account with us, we will use cookies for registration and general administration. These cookies are normally eliminated when the session is terminated, however, in some cases, they can remain, after having recorded the user’s preferences at the end of the session.
We use cookies when the user has an active session in order to record this event. This means the user does not have to reintroduce their data every time our website is visited. As a general rule, the data is deleted at the closure of the session to ensure that only the restricted functions and controlled access zones can be accessed at the start of a new session.

This website offers free news updates relating to these products and services and email subscription, and cookies can be used to record if the user is already registered or if they wish to show any notification that will only be valid for the user related to their registration.

When the user sends data via a formula that is available in our contact and comment formulas, cookies allow EL ARCÓN DEL FRAILE to record their details for future communications.

Third Party Cookies

In some special cases, we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details which third party cookies could be used by this website.

This website uses Google Analytics, which is one of the most widely used and trusted analysis solutions to enable us to understand how the website is used, and improve the experience. These cookies can record how much time a user spends on the website and the pages that are visited, so that we can continue to provide an attractive content.

To obtain more information regarding Google Analytics’ cookies, please consult their official webpage.

From time to time, we try different functions and we may make subtle changes in the way the website is made available to the users. When we are trying various cookie functions, we can guarantee the navigation experience, as well as guaranteeing that we understand our users’ preferences in this regard.

We also use the buttons related to social networks, and our website allows the
user to connect with their social networking site in different ways. To ensure

that the social networking sites work correctly, including Twitter, Facebook and Google, cookies will be produced via our website, which can be used to improve the user’s profile or contribute to the data available in the respective privacy policies.

Further Information

We trust that we have clearly communicated the situation in relation to cookies, however, as mentioned before, should there be any doubts, or clarification required as to whether the user needs these or not, in general it is preferable that the cookies are enabled to ensure that the functionality of our site is not affected. If more information is required, the user may contact us via email at

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

For any legal interpretation or processes, Spanish law applies, and in the event of any controversy, both parties agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the tribunals and courts of the city of Madrid (Juzgados y Tribunales de la ciudad de Madrid).