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  • Conjuration: Brand new operate out of contacting, ruling, otherwise summoning a feature, object, person, otherwise soul currently around.
  • Elemental Handle : The new operate from handling otherwise influencing the elements of sky, environment, flames, liquids, and you will environment. though perhaps not confirmed incorrect otherwise appropriate, witches are considered to own a special affinity to specific issue which gives him or her greater mastery and you will control when performing.
  • Telekinesis: The newest operate of handling and influencing the movements out of objects and people.
  • Concoction Making : The fresh new work out-of brewing and you may concocting enchanting elixirs and you may potions one to include mysterious qualities.
  • Ebony Secret: Because of John Blackwell becoming the lady physical dad, she’s got inherent black wonders which had been triggered into the Family by Cassie Blake, she mutual the girl fuel that have Cassie’s plus the Crystal Head so you’re able to eliminate John, next she try unwilling to utilize the lady ebony energies again.

Charles Meade

She was not aware he’s not their genuine dad, but enjoys an incredibly personal connection with the woman step-dad and he loves this lady truly. Charles knows their daughter sufficient to remember that she’d leave new Meade Guide out of Tincture within Circle’s hide-out, in which it could be trusted. However, whenever her grandmother Kate comes to town, she actually informs Charles you to definitely Adam and you may Diana split, when he did not know any single thing.

Cassie Blake

Diana welcomes Cassie warmly when she will come and you may shows high worry to your trying to decrease telling Cassie in the this lady are a great witch, as this woman is nevertheless making reference to the woman moms and dads dying. Even after she sees Cassie’s experience of the girl sweetheart she does not fault their and you will will continue to act as family relations which have Cassie which denies this lady friendship initially however, afterwards welcomes it on the end of Loner. For the Wake, after she holidays with Adam, she visits Cassie just who conveniences the woman and soon after attempts to let Adam get back together with her throughout the 12 months you to definitely episode Disguised whenever Luke is about to eliminate Diana, Cassie inadvertently unleashes the girl black wonders eliminating him to protect Diana, exhibiting one Cassie cares on the Diana in addition to their increasing relationship. Into the Crystal, Cassie identified you to Diana try the lady additional Blackwell inside the the latest circle along with her cousin.

Adam Conant

He’s Diana’s old boyfriend-boyfriend and her closest friend at the beginning of the new series. Diana is actually love with Adam in which he is in love with her too, but immediately after Cassie’s coming in town the dating requires a primary slip, becasuse Diana cannot see the method Adam talks about Cassie. She getaways with Adam once Ethan Conant, Adam’s dad, tells her on Cassie and you will Adam getting destined to end up being along with her, since the she wishes to have the variety of like Cassie and you can Adam have been shown to own.


Give and you will Diana first satisfied from inside the Lucky, whenever Offer seemingly have an interest on the Diana and you can become to talk together with her and you can Melissa. Give later came to Gambling establishment nights and give away hundred cash costs where Diana try resting, depending potato chips and you will Diana said your of the informing that’s an effective large amount of chips. He later on returned and you will asked Diana how many entry do he would like to get the newest monkey stuff pets.Diana told you 50 seats following Offer bought two of them, you to to have him and another getting Diana. After when he is actually taking walks having Diana so you’re able to this lady vehicles (Diana has on his coating) they spoke for some time and you will kissed. Within the Give up, Grant and Diana ran frost-skating following Diana went along to come across your to discover the guy does not individual a yacht hence he or she is traveling with a team. Give attempted to generate Diana understand that he did it to allure the girl, however, Diana try therefore resentful thus she was presented with out of your. The guy after expected this lady to provide your a go which she performed. When you look at the Amazingly, Give anticipate Diana on to the boat since the a romantic date and you can claim that their chief anticipate your to discover the vessel having 24 hours. It did not turn out great when the circle kept looking for Diana’s let, it build Grant extremely suspicous and he asked for a conclusion. She following hope him she will render him one-day in order to describe, but Give are unsure if the he’s going to go back to Chance Harbor.